According to The Star newspaper, the personal details of some 46.2 million mobile number subscribers in Malaysia are at stake in what is believed to be one of the largest data breaches ever seen in the country.


From home addresses and MyKad numbers to SIM card information, the private details of almost the entire population may have fallen into the wrong hands.


Malaysia’s population is only around 32 million, but many have several mobile numbers. The list is also believed to include inactive numbers and temporary ones bought by visiting foreigners.


With this leak, Malaysians may be vulnerable to social engineering attacks and in a worst-case scenario, phones may be cloned.


It is also said that 81,309 records from the Malaysian Medical Council, Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) and Malaysian Dental Association were also leaked.


The leak of the mobile data was reported earlier this month on online forum and news site, which reported that it was thought to originate from a massive data breach in 2014.


Yesterday, the site “confirmed” that 46.2 million mobile numbers were leaked online.


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Each year, thousands of identity theft and identity documents forgery happened. A thief used to need a physical identity card or cheque to perform wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain, but today, online banking or financial transaction have made identity theft criminals much more vulnerable and easier to happen.


Tips To Prevent Your Identity From Being Stolen

• Don’t reveal personal data on any websites, or searchable databases.

• Ensure your house mail box is locked as someone may rummage through your mail box while nobody’s at home.

• Information is pulled from an ATM machine by a small device attached to the card reader (called skimming). Always stay alert and beware of anything that looks suspicious.

• Beware if someone contacts you via phone claiming there is a problem with your account” and start asking you to give them sensitive personal data. Do not entertain it, directly call a official or verified phone number or check over the counter to clear your doubts.

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